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Psoriasis Treatment | Hexapi Organic Raw Honey

Psoriasis Treatment | Hexapi Hong Kong Germany Organic Raw Honey

Psoriasis is a common skin condition that causes redness, blisters, itching, and even lesions. It is usually treated with topical creams that contain corticosteroids or vitamin D, but Hexapi raw organic honey may be more effective. A study once again using a mixture of raw organic honey, olive oil, and beeswax, found that most participants with psoriasis experienced a reduction in redness, scaling, and itching after appliance of raw organic honey. It is suggest to apply the mixture of raw organic honey on affected area directly. Choose your favourite honeys to enjoy 20% off discount!

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Burns Reliever | Hexapi Organic Raw Honey

Burns Reliever | Hexapi Organic Raw Honey

Raw Organic Honeys have been used as a salve to heal burns and prevent infections for thousands of years. Results also show that honey may reduce burn healing time. Raw Honeys from Hexapi are compared to a silver sulfadiazene dressing for burns, and found that raw honey makes wounds sterile in less time, enhances healing, and doesn’t leave as much scarring as the other treatment. I

t is suggested to apply directly on affected area.

Health Benefit of Honey | Gum Bleeding Healer | Hexapi Honey

Gum Bleeding Healer | Hexapi Honey

Raw Organic Honeys from Hexapi Honey restrict the growth of plaque-forming bacteria and also prevent bacteria from producing the ‘glue’ that affects teeth and gums. It prevents symptoms of gum infections like bleeding, gingivitis and receding gums. When raw honey is mixed with water hydrogen peroxide will be produced. Raw honey starts acting as antimicrobial agents instantly to fight with gum infection and relieving the excruciating pain due to gum infection.

It is suggested to take some raw honey on fingertips and massage on gums gently.