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Raw German Organic Lime Honey
Raw German Organic Lime Honey Raw German Organic Lime Honey Raw German Organic Lime Honey
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German Raw Organic Linden Honey

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Our German Raw Organic Linden (Lime) Honey is one of the best honey varieties. It’s purely made of the yellow-white flowers of Linden trees with a characteristic mild mint flavour and low acidity and medium sweetness.

It is used for treating colds and fevers, as a fortifying agent to support the heart and is beneficial to maintain osmotic pressure, to normalize the metabolism, digestion and hormonal activity.

It is an excellent sweetener for tea and other drinks and its low acidity and medium sweetness pairs very well with citrus sorbet or gelato, Greek yogurt and soothing herbal teas.

Honey Benefits 

  • boosts immune system which can relief symptoms of common colds, influenza and similar upper respiratory tract infections etc.
  • supports the functions of the liver and gall bladder
  • reduces the hypersecretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach
  • helps to maintain adequate osmotic pressure at the cellular level, normalizes metabolism, and has beneficial effects on digestion as well as hormonal activity
  • helps heal festering sores on the skin, eczema, and burns
  • contains a variety of minerals

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