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Raw German Organic Honey & Cinnamon
Raw German Organic Honey & Cinnamon Raw German Organic Honey & Cinnamon Raw German Organic Honey & Cinnamon
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Organic Honey & Cinnamon

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A Fragrant & Powerful Dietary

  • Cinnamon – the powerful forgotten remedy
  • Boosts your died and body with a refreshing touch

Our mild-creamy Organic Honey & Cinnamon is based on our raw German Organic Spring Blossom Honey and is delicately blended with untreated and tasty real organic Ceylon Cinnamon to support your health and wellness.

Cinnamon is one of the most powerful natural remedies and it is an excellent delightful dietary supplement. Natural organic honey, which includes all the substances necessary to sustain life, and cinnamon mutually enhance their unique health effects and have been used in traditional Chinese and Ayurveda healing for centuries.

Germany, Thuringia

Germany, Brandenburg

Thuringia is the state in central Germany, with the largest uninterrupted forest area and a diverse countryside with mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes and nature reserves punctuated with medieval villages.

During springtime, flower blossoms along the beautiful valleys of the rivers Saale, Ilm, Werra and Unstrut give our bees a unique mix of flora and nectars that allowed them to produce Hexapi’s Organic Spring Blossom Honey with the characteristic flavour of this beautiful landscape.

German Raw Organic Spring Blossom Honey, 0.6% Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

Nutritional Information per 100g / 100ml

Calories 338 kcal
Protein 0.4 g
Total Fat 0 g
Saturated Fat 0 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 82.3 g
Sugar 82.3 g
Sodium 0 mg
Why Cinnamon?

Recent modern studies have shown many potential beneficial health impacts of cinnamon, such as:

  • anti-microbial activity
  • May assist in stabilizing blood sugar
  • May assist in stabilizing cholesterol
  • reducing risk of cardiovascular disease
  • boosting cognitive function
Why Cinnamon & Honey?

Honey and cinnamon are both beneficial food and contain lots of vitamins and minerals that help to maintain good health and improve health concerns, including nutrients like protein, fibre, sugars and minerals: calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc…as well as vitamin A, E, D, C, K, B-6, folate, niacin and riboflavin.

Why Hexapi raw Organic Spring Blossom Honey & Cinnamon?

Organic Spring Blossom Honey & Cinnamon has an amazing amount of therapeutic properties:


Organic Honey & Cinnamon helps relieve arthritis symptoms, including joint pain, stiffness and maintain bone health.


Organic honey and Cinnamon combined are beneficial to relief indigestion.


Cinnamon contains various polyphenols, like quercetin, galangin, and acacetin and, that are found beneficial in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It is beneficial for reducing abnormal or irregular heart rhythm. It may assist in stabilizing cholesterol levels and thus provide additional protection to the heart.

Immune system

Cinnamon contains essential oils that help cure various allergies. Honey can stimulate the production of antibodies which might enhance immune responses and aid wound repair. Hence, consuming both help enhance immunity.


By enhancing immunity and preventing the corresponding ailments, it also prevents from common colds, cough and sore throat. Relief common colds, conditions commonly referred to as influenza and similar upper respiratory tract infections.


Cinnamon and honey may assist in stabilizing blood sugar and therefore suitable for people concerned about blood sugar. Honey is a healthier alternative to refined sugar.

Skin Care

Cinnamon helps anti-aging. It can facilitate a collagen biosynthesis process, which was found useful for the antiaging treatment of the skin. It is loaded with anti-bacterial properties and helps fighting skin problems like dead skin cells, excess oil secretion and breakouts (acnes and pimples).


Cinnamon can improve dandruff and the associated hair loss, especially to combat hair loss that was associated with menopause.


The information presented above is not intended to prescribe or give in any way or form medical advice or diagnose. Please always consult your trusted physician. This product is not registered under the Hong Kong Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance or the Chinese Medicine Ordinance. Any claim made for it has not been subject to evaluation for such registration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.

The fragrant and sweet taste give your body a boost and add a touch of refreshing spiciness to your day and its delightful flavour adds a magic effect to the taste of cakes, breads, biscuits and rolls. It is used to create a lot of delicious winning recipes and unique cocktails. Not suitable for children under one year of age.

Organic Honey & Cinnamon Recipes

At ancient Egyptian, cinnamon was used to be more valuable than gold, it functioned as embalmment aristocrats while medieval European hospitals set jugs of cinnamon and cloves water in their wards to fend off plague.

In Chinese medicine, following Yin and Yang principles, cinnamon is used to cure conditions of cold (excess Yin) as it is considered to be Yang (heat). In this case, honey is seen to be neutral, in balance.

In Ayurvedic medicine, honey is known as 'Yogavahi', which means "carrier of the healing values of the herbs to the cells and tissues". It is believed that when honey is combined with another substance like herbs or spice, the special quality of honey enhances the medicinal qualities and helps to reach the deeper tissues in the body more effectively.

Cinnamon contains antioxidant flavonoids whose effect closely resembles that of insulin, i.e. it can encourage glucose out of the bloodstream and into the cells where it is needed for functional energy source.

To create our Organic Honey & Cinnamon we exclusively use real and organic Ceylon Cinnamon from Cinnamomum Zeylanicum plants in Madagascar to ensure the amount of coumarin content is only 0.0004% against 5 % which found in Cinnamomum Cassia from China or other sources. High amount of coumarin content can be toxic to the liver in large prolonged doses.

Hexapi Organic Spring Blossom Honey is composed of nectars from flowers blossoming at a particular time and place in Thuringia. Is somehow impossible to reproduce exactly the same from year to year, therefore slight variations in colour or taste may occur – making it a truly enjoyable and unique natural honey.

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