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Raw German Organic Chestnut Honey
Raw German Organic Chestnut Honey Raw German Organic Chestnut Honey Raw German Organic Chestnut Honey
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German Raw Organic Chestnut Honey

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Organic Chestnut honey is a kind of floral honey. It has a strong aromatic and unique taste. The natural chestnut and the smoky flavor that is used in this mixture tops off the rich, dark honey to give it a full-bodied flavor. Comparing with other type of honeys, it is less sweet. The result is a blend of smooth, melt in your mouth honey and a lasting note of smoky flavor that makes for a perfectly satisfying and spicy combination. It is suitable for people who love mildly sweet honey.

Organic Chestnut honey also has high antioxidant content, mineral content, unique aroma and pollen content. With a high proportion of fructose that resists crystallization and a relatively low acidity.

Its spiciness, warmness and aromatic flavor profiles, allow this honey to give different dishes an extra kick on sweet and savory dishes. Use it as a glaze on your cakes and pastries, as a spread over warm toast and meat, or use this nectar as a potent, one of the ingredients in your favorite cocktails. It can also be used to sweeten black teas to round out the sharp flavor. It is especially delicious during autumn months with seasonal teas and foods.

Health Benefits

  • Assist in stabilizing cholesterol
  • Help restore energy levels so that to keep you smart and energetic
  • Good for respiratory system and digestive system
  • Help relieve sore throat, acne and some allergic reaction
  • Rich in pollen, mineral salt, iron, Vitamin B, C, and helps with coughs & colds
  • Used to relieve skin conditions such as acne, itchiness, external wounds and ulcers

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