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Raw German Organic Honey & Ginger
Raw German Organic Honey & Ginger Raw German Organic Honey & Ginger Raw German Organic Honey & Ginger
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German Raw Organic Honey & Ginger

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Our Organic Honey & Ginger is a fine blend of mild creamy organic spring blossom honey from Germany and fiery organic ginger powder, giving the smooth sweetness a spicy kick.

Ginger is an amazing natural remedy already discovered long ago by traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic and Japanese healers. Raw and heated the aromatic miracle root helps against all kinds of pain, nausea, chronic cough, digestive disorders, migraine and rheumatism.

Combined with the healing properties of raw honey ginger and its benefits can be enjoyed in a deliciously candied way that gives your day a sweet hot buzz. The honey we use is pure raw honey produced and tested according to highest German food standards.

Health Benefits

  • Promote digestion
  • Release tension, promote the flow of oxygen to the lungs, and help in the relaxation of the blood vessels
  • Provide instant relief to people suffering from cough, cold, sore throat, and runny nose
  • Create a propensity to ease blood vessel tension, thereby may assist in stabilizing blood pressure
  • Reduce the age spots to a certain extent in long term
  • Speed up the emptying of the stomach through its digestive properties, which can prevent the discomfort and probability of nausea

 Organic Honey & Ginger Recipes

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