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Honey Crafted Beer GoldenDark
Honey Crafted Beer GoldenDark Honey Crafted Beer GoldenDark Honey Crafted Beer GoldenDark
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Honey Crafted Beer GoldenDark

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Sweet Dark Beer

  • Brewed since 1999
  • 20% Bavarian Honey & 80% Munich deer
  • Combination of honey wine & dark-roasted malt sweet flavour
  • 6.4% alc. 330mL long neck. Disposable keg

This unique sweet dark beer has been brewed since 1999, from the best malt, hope, and honey out of Germany’s brewing region. This beer uses 20% Bavarian Honey & 80% dark beer from Munich. It is a blend of honey wine & dark roasted malt that gives this beer a sweet touch, as it helps emphasize the unique flavours. Moreover, has a rich line of flavours. The honey’s sweetness is present from the beginning then tapers into a nice aftertaste, making it dry on the palate with a nice balance.

Germany, Bavaria, Munich

The Bavarian state is home to Germany’s third largest city, Munich, which is where the dark beer used to make “GoldenDark” is from. Bavaria has a rich history, as it was the Roman Empire’s first settlement in the sixth century.

Munich, Bavaria was the first city to hold Oktoberfest – world's largest beer festival and funfair in 1810 when a King Ludwig I married Princess Theresa of Saxe-Hildburghausen and announced a city-wide celebration of the royal marriage, also inviting the public to celebrate it. The celebrations included drinking beer as well as watching horse races, which originally lasted for 16 to 18 days. It soon spread from Munich to other cities in Germany, and then around the world.

Founded as a castle brewery in 1745, is artisanal brewing and sustainable manufacturing processes preserve the original recipes and quality by carefully processing the best local raw materials according to classic craftsmanship. The historic brewery building is protected by the German monument protection act and its brewers take great pride in its characterful beers brewed in harmony with their environment.

Consume directly.

Munich has numerous beer halls, which are large bars & pubs that specialize in serving beer to its customers. Through globalization, the idea of beer halls was implemented around the world, with a famous one being in St. Louis, Missouri, due to a large population of ethnic Germans.

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