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Honey Crafted Beer Odin-Trunk
Honey Crafted Beer Odin-Trunk Honey Crafted Beer Odin-Trunk Honey Crafted Beer Odin-Trunk
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Honey Crafted Beer Odin-Trunk

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Blonde Beer

  • Sweet beer from Prussia, Germany
  • Honey is used as a traditional ingredient
  • Sugar is fermented, allowing the sweetness flavour lingering taste
  • Fusion of subtle flavours creamy sensation for the palate
  • 5.4% alc. 330mL long neck. Disposable keg

Honey Beer “Odin” is well-brewed from the best malt, hope and honey in Prussia, Germany. It has a right balance of the taste of malt and sweetness of raw honey.

Hexapi used raw honey as a traditional and natural ingredient rather than an additive which is a chemical artificial substance added to the product to preserve its freshness and increase shelf life. To show the traditional art of beer, Hexapi insists to provide the best quality of craft beer. There are not many choices of honey beer in market. Hexapi provides you a more premium and delicate choice of honey beer.

The golden Honey Beer “Odin” has a creamy and smooth texture with right amount of foam. It is extremely refreshing and tasty. It is a temptation for everyone especially ladies who don’t like the bitter taste of traditional beer! Honey and beer, what's not to love?

Germany, Brandenburg

The “Spreewald”, also known as "the Green Venice", is a picturesque part of Brandenburg and famous for its traditional irrigation system, consisting of more than 200 small canals with a total length of over 1,300 km. The charming, slightly hilly landscape was shaped during the ice-age and wetland alder forests, pine forests and grasslands are home to a variety of 18,000 plant and animal species and a designated UNESCO biosphere reserve since 1991.

The region is one of the sunniest agricultural regions in Germany and delivers among famous culinary treats like pickled Spreewald gherkins, strawberries and asparagus, the purest natural water for the craft brewery Fürstlich Drehna.

Founded as a castle brewery in 1745, is artisanal brewing and sustainable manufacturing processes preserve the original recipes and quality by carefully processing the best local raw materials according to classic craftsmanship. The historic brewery building is protected by the German monument protection act and its brewers take great pride in its characterful beers brewed in harmony with their environment.

Malt, hope and honey in Prussia, Germany, Alcohol 5.4 % vol.

Consume directly.

Honey Crafted Beer Odin-Trunk Recipes

Beer is a major part of German culture. In 2012, Germany ranked third in Europe in terms of per-capita beer consumption.

Although the castle brewery was founded in 1745, beer was already brewed in Drehna more than 300 years ago. According to Drehna`s church records "David the brewer" made beer in 1677 and in 1718 the "High-Prince brewer George Kuhring" continued the tradition.

From the same time, it is known that the Duchess Agnes Emilie of Saxe-Weissenfeld, Countess Reuß ordered all pubs or “public houses” in her jurisdiction to only pour beer from Drehna to their clients.

The Countess was succeeded by Count Seyfried von Promnitz, who enlarged the brewery and had it built in the immediate vicinity of the castle on the spot where it still stands today.

The Count was followed by the family of the Counts to Lynar of Drehna. Since 1807, when the former Lord of the castle Moritz Ludwig Ernst Count von Lynar was elevated to the rank of Prince, the town, brewery and castle are called "Fürstlich Drehna".

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