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Raw German Organic Honey & Ginger
Raw German Organic Honey & Ginger Raw German Organic Honey & Ginger Raw German Organic Honey & Ginger
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Organic Honey & Ginger

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  • This honey will be smooth to the tongue, yet have a slight spicy kick to it
  • Ginger’s remedy effects were found and used by many Asian countries in the past
  • Helps all kinds of pain, nausea, chronic coughs, digestive issues, and migraines
  • Combined, the healing properties will be of no match, as it will taste good and give you loads of benefits

Our Organic Honey & Ginger is a fine blend of mild creamy organic spring blossom honey from Germany and fiery organic ginger powder, giving the smooth sweetness a spicy kick.

Ginger is an amazing natural remedy already discovered long ago by traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic and Japanese healers. Raw and heated the aromatic miracle root helps against all kinds of pain, nausea, chronic cough, digestive disorders, migraine and rheumatism.

Combined with the healing properties of raw honey ginger and its benefits can be enjoyed in a deliciously candied way that gives your day a sweet hot buzz. The honey we use is pure raw honey produced and tested according to highest German food standards.


German Raw Organic Spring Blossom Honey, 0.7% dried Ginger

Nutritional Information per 100g / 100ml

Calories 305 kcal
Protein 0.4 g
Total Fat 0 g
Saturated Fat 0 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 76 g
Sugar 76 g
Sodium 0 mg
Relief Asthma Honey and ginger are a naturally soothing and anti-inflammatory mix, which releases tension, promotes the flow of oxygen to the lungs, and helps in the relaxation of the blood vessels. It relief rhinitis or catarrh. It provides instant relief to people suffering from cough, cold, sore throat, and runny nose. Nausea Relief

Ginger speeds up the emptying of the stomach through its digestive properties, which can prevent the discomfort and probability of nausea.

Protects Heart Health

The antioxidant properties of honey and ginger tonic have been shown to moderate prostaglandin behavior in the body. This creates a propensity to ease blood vessel tension, thereby may assist in stabilizing blood pressure.

Promote Digestion

Ginger has the inherent digestive properties which makes it is a good digestive aid. They have high levels of protein, which aids in the digestive process, and it also stimulates the secretion of bile, which helps dissolve fat.


Honey ginger can play a role in reducing the age spots to a certain extent. Age spots will become shallower and smaller. It is recommended that women take it for long term. Disclaimer

The information presented above is not intended to prescribe or give in any way or form medical advice or diagnose. Please always consult your trusted physician. This product is not registered under the Hong Kong Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance or the Chinese Medicine Ordinance. Any claim made for it has not been subject to evaluation for such registration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.


People all around the world, especially in India, always keep both ginger and honey in their houses and prepare this beneficial mixture for someone falling ill with cold or a cough.

Ginger honey candies are also very popular. If your throat is congested and you are not able to speak properly, you should eat candied ginger and honey as it normally clears the throat immediately. Ginger honey candies are also useful during traveling because they are known to help in dealing with motion sickness.

The English origin of the word, “ginger”, is from the mid-14th century, from Old English gingifer, from Medieval Latin gingiber, from Greek zingiberis, from Prakrit (Middle Indic) singabera, from Sanskrit srngaveram, from srngam “horn” and vera- “body”, from the shape of its root.

In Japan and elsewhere, slices of ginger are eaten between dishes or courses to clear the palate.

In Burma, ginger is used in a salad dish called gyin-tho, which consists of shredded ginger preserved in oil, and a variety of nuts and seeds.

In China, sliced or whole ginger root is often paired with savory dishes, such as fish. The oil of ginger may be used for perfume and medicine.

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