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Healing Power of Honey  Healthy Natural Honey Sugars

Healing Power of Honey: Healthy Natural Honey Sugars

Use Honey instead of sugar to keep your blood sugar level low! Honey sugars are complex and don`t overload our metabolism like normal sugars. Honey can contain up to 30 different sugar compounds. This diversity is due to the various sources of nectar and honeydew and the enzymatic fermentation done by the bees. The main components in honey fructose with 34-41%, followed by glucose with 28-35%. Both are simple sugars. Nevertheless, there is a crucial difference. Dextrose is transported from the intestine into the bloodstream, with the corresponding energy expenditure, using so-called carrier molecules. These are smugglers who, despite high blood sugar concentrations, continue to pump the sugar on. Fructose, on the other hand, relies on passive transport through diffusion and can be driven into the bloodstream as soon as a concentration gradient occurs, when the saturation in the intestines higher than in the blood. The hourly intake is half that of glucose or sacarosa and your pancreas is not to be completely exhausted. In addition to 4-15% double sugar, honey also contains 14% multiple sugars which also enter the blood slowly.

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